Wednesday, April 06, 2011

F is for Fingers

is for fingers.  You ever notice how amazing those fucking things are?  Because they are pretty impressive things.  I was goofin around the other day and I was holding on to something - I don't exactly remember what I was holding on to - but I was holding on to it in such a way that I was impressed that I hadn't dropped it.  It was something heavy with a smooth surface - like a bowling ball or something - and I was holding it up by just my fingertips.  I thought, man those things are fucking incredible.
     Just those little fingers were defying gravity in a way that I couldn't believe.  And the traction afforded them by the fingerprint patters was just amazing.  For such a small and intricate part of one's body, they are incredibly versatile.  I am using them right now to type out this blog post.  Somewhere along the line someone used them to plug in the cords that connect the keyboard and monitor to CPU.  They - if I know my IT people well enough - were also probably used to wedge and pry the box open when the computer arrived from the store.  And so on and so forth.  We use them to grab, hold, did, touch, point, and do about a million other things.  You couldn't imagine life without them, could you?
     While we are taking a moment to discuss them, let is make it perfectly clear: you have ten fingers, okay?  The thumbs count.  They are just specialized fingers that are located a little differently so that they may act in opposition to the other ones, allowing one to play a violin, build a Camaro, or throw a spear at some sort of rampaging beast out on a barren, grassy plain somewhere.  That is all the thumbs are for, and they are exceptionally good at what they do.
     And why wouldn't they be?  Your fingers, thumbs, and hands in general have had million upon millions of year in which to develop into some sort of high-dollar multi-use tool.  The reason that they are the way they are is because nature has learned that it works just so, so well.  They can apply ungodly amounts of force (have you ever had a woman giving birth dig her nails into your arm) or be unbelieveably gentle (like when you are touching a baby's face).  They can also be precise to incredible degrees.
     So take care of your fingers, and thank them for everything that they do.  Take a moment out of your busy schedule and appreciate your fingers.  Just look at them and be happy that you have them.  They are more important and impressive that you realize.

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