Monday, April 04, 2011

D is for Disorder

is for disorder.  As in Attention Deficit Disorder.  You know, A.D.D.  Except it is more like laziness that I want to talk about, I just didn't know how to tie laziness in with the letter "D" in a way that made sense.  Yeah, it's laziness that I want to talk about today.
Laziness personified - on a box.
     It came to my mind just how lazy we have become as a people, and how distorted (there is the D I was looking for - that would have made more sense) we have become the other day when I was looking at the top of the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that is on our lazy susan.  I was rolling up the bad inside of the box and closing the flap on the top - so clever that it hasn't needed an update or redesign since it seems like forever - when I noticed a little explanation of how General Mills makes it easier to get nutrition information from the boxes.  You can see an example of it at right.  What it does is a couple of things: a.) It makes it easy to see the nutrition information for your particular cereal easily on the front of the box so you can see while you are pushing your cart along, yelling at your bratty kids, and generally dying a little bit on the inside and b.) It is bright and is able to keep your attention for like five or so seconds.
     These are very important things.  The second point, a.k.a. "b" addresses the whole A.D.D. issue.  Because people have the attention span roughly equal to that of a sand gnat, okay?  And they can't be troubled with having to search for their information for more than a split second before something shiny or noisy or a picture of a celebrity comes around.  So the information has to be right on the front of the box for everyone to see RIGHT AWAY.
     The other reason that the nutrition needs to be brightly colored on the front of the box is because we as a society have become seriously, dangerously lazy.  Combine that with our obsession with counting calories and intake (because that is easier than actually getting up and running around) and it leads to little emblems on the front of our cereal boxes.  We want to know how bad out Honey Nut Cheerios are for us, be we aren't willing to take the extra time and effort required to look around the box to find that big, boring, black and white square.  So it has to be on the front or we would never know unless we accidentally have a box that falls down on the floor on its side or something.

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