Sunday, April 03, 2011

C is for Curtains

is for curtains.  I have curtains on almost every window of the Worldwide Headquarters.  I prefer them to blinds.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have heard all the arguments for blinds, okay?  I know, they are shiek and cool and versitile and cheap, but have you ever noticed that you can see through them pretty easily if they aren't set correctly.  Plus they are hard and utilitarian.  There is nothing soft or homey about them.
     Curtains aren't that way at all.  They are soft.  They are fabric.  They serve a whole bunch of purposes.  First of all, they keep people from seeing into your house or apartment or car even I suppose.  I don't see why you couldn't put them in your car except that it is highly illegal and very, very dangerous.  The thing too about curtains is that they can keep you from seeing out, which would be difficult since they are on the inside and you set them.  But whatever.  They are much better at setting the mood in the room, and at keeping out light than blinds are.  Blinds let all sorts of light in all the time.  Curtains don't unless they are thin.
     They also are good at taking the heat from your radiator - which is always right under your window (because it is usually the coldest place in your house) - and funneling it right up to the ceiling or right out your leaky window.  So they keep your house colder.  They are also good at blocking drafts that come in those very same windows, which is nice.
     So I guess that I am a curtain kind of guy, and I will always prefer them to blinds.  And that is that.  As fun as blinds are with their strings and turny rods and whatnot, but give me a good curtain any day.  C is for curtains, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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