Friday, March 04, 2011

Take A Walk On the Wild Side

     So, earlier this week, I started walking to work.  Again.  I live like six blocks away, and I just couldn't bring myself to drive there any longer.  Now I will drive under certain circumstances - like if I have somewhere to go at lunchtime or maybe if it is pouring rain.  But most of the time I am like the Postal Service and I am always on foot.  Over the bridge, through the park, under the bridge, across the parking lot, down the street, and into work.  Simple.  Easy.
     There is something about it though, that sort of always makes me smile.  See, there aren't a lot of people at my work who walk there.  It is very much an automobile-centric sort of place, and so it has apparently caused quite a stir that I am hoofing it.  People gawk at me.  Most of them wave but a lot of them sort of look at me like something is wrong.  Lots of them offer me rides, which is really nice and which I actually do take them up on from time to time.  Especially when it is super cold or rainy out.
      It just makes me laugh that I am such a circus attraction just walking down the street.  It is not like when I was new to town and the cops were following me around and people were asking me why I was walking down their street, this is much nicer and more benign.  And I sort of like it in a way, it just makes me crack a smile.  I am just walking down the street.  On the sidewalk.  That's what it is made for.  And my walk to work probably takes less time than your drive.  So settle.  I am fine.  Thank you though.  I just hope you don't all wig out when I start riding my bike.

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