Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleppy Daytime

I chose to end my program for a couple of hours today.
  "If it weren't for the fact that we have no gas coming into this house, I'd say that we have a very sexy carbon monoxide leak in here."
     Sorry, I just really did want to say that.  Or type it as it were.  But seriously, for as sleepy as I have been all afternoon long, there very well could be some sort of leak in here.  I am not sure what is going on but I can barely keep my eyes open, which is rare.  I mean, sometimes I am sleepy in the afternoon - once lunch starts digesting - but this is re-God-damned-diculous.
     What it has allowed my to do is something that is unparalleled in my book - take an afternoon nap.  If there would have been a sunbeam about I would have been all for taking things to another level, but as it were the couch and my fuzzy blanket did just fine. In my book there is nothing more luxurious than taking a nap in the afternoon, which I guess would make the cats the most luxurious beings that I know.  It sort of takes it down a peg when it is a weekend, but it is still sweet.
     I am not sure why it feels so decedent to sleep during the day when you have just slept all night, and I know I have touched on this before, but it just does.  Something about being lazy when you could be being so productive is just neat.  And it's okay to do once in a while.  I feel especially ritzy when I am napping on say a Wednesday afternoon, when most of the rest of world is at work being busy and worrying about stuff and I am worrying only about falling off the couch. 
     So that is what I was doing this afternoon, not so much because I wanted to but mostly because I couldn't keep my eyes open.  And for some reason while I was sleeping I was terrified that someone would find me and be upset.  But there is no reason to be upset.  A nap is a nap.  And it is fantastic.  Happy napping to you!

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