Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Romance Blog

     Here is the deal, Company.  I told you yesterday that I was suffering from terrible writers block, so I have shifted my mind to be super creative in other ways.  That being said, I am going to write a blog for you today that is mad up of random paragraphs unedited from free online romance novels.  Okay?  Enjoy...

     The southern breeze is blowing softly through her hair.  Scent of honeysuckles blossoms drifting through the air, and bird chirping in the background.  Georgianna Devoe is lying in a hammock under a maple tree sipping an ice cold glass of ice tea with a tinge of burbon.  Dabbing her lips with a delicate linen napkin to catch the drop running down the side of her mouth, she was enjoying the peace and quiet for a moment.
     "Why don't you remove your tie, unbutton a couple of buttons on that shirt, and act like you are home by your fire, relaxing?"  Shaking a handful of fruit and nuts out for herself, she offered him the jar, adding "You have a fireplace at home, don't you?"
     "I do, yes.  But how did you know that?"
     I looked at him, unsure of what to do next. "Are you sure?  If you have somewhere to be or things to do it's fine.  Yesterday was no big deal and I'd completely understand," I said, giving him an out.  Why did I say that?  I should've said what I was really thinking.  He bit his lip.  "Yesterday was a big deal, I met you," he said quietly.
     Dunham listened as long as his ear could catch the sound, then a strange desolation settled down upon him.  How was it that a few short hours ago he had known nothing, cared nothing, about this stranger?  And now her going had left things blank enough!  It was foolish, of course - just highly wrought nerved over this mostly extraordinary occurrence.  Life has heretofore run in such smooth, conventional grooves as to have been almost prosaic; and now to be suddenly plunged into romance and mystery unbalances him for the time.
     On the way to rejoin her date, she belched.  It was loud.  She wasn't sure Ken heard it, but half the diners in the restaurant looked at her as she took her seat back at their table.  She was embarradded by the belch, but knew she needed it.  It relieved the gas inside her that has been brought on by just hearing from Ken that they would be going to a movie with the actor who most reminded her of the man she most depised; even feared.
Excerpts from:

Honeysuckles of the South by Shirley Boykin
Dream Lover by Jean MacIntyre
Unbreakable Heart by Christina L. Nelson
The Mystery of May by Grace Livingston Hill
And You Will Find Love by Walter Oleksy
Lavender and Old Lace by Myrtle Reed

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