Sunday, March 13, 2011

Double Trouble Sunday

     Today is such an exciting day, Company.  There is so much going on.  If you are Catholic it is the First Sunday of Lent, if you are not Catholic then it is the Second Sunday of March, it is also the first day of Daylight Savings Time, and it is Selection Sunday for those of you who, like me, get off on the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  So let's start with Daylight Savings Time:

Daylight Savings Time: I am sure that somewhere out there in the world there are people like me who are nervous because they can never remember if their time zone should be enunciated with "ST" on the end like Mountain Standard Time (MST)or with a "DT" like Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).   Well I can tell you that as of about 2 o'clock this morning we have entered into the "DT" portion of the calendar year.  Daylight Savings Time was enacted so that we can have more daylight later in the day, with the idea that it would help save energy. What it does is make it stay light later at night, and get light later in the morning, with the rationale that the largest percentage of people are going to wake up in the morning around the same time, say 6-8 am, and go to work, and then come home like say 4-7 pm, so most people would benefit from having more light later so they can leave their house lights off.  And that will save electricity or whale oil or buffalo dung or whatever.  It has always seemed to me rather counter-intuitive (which is a big word for Sunday morning you have to admit) to have Daylight Savings Time in the summer, because that is when there is more light to be had.  If I want to save daylight at any time of the year it is going to be in the winter when there is only like 8 hours of it anyway, not in the summer when it is light until like 9 pm anyway.  But whatever.  There are lots of places in the world that do not celebrate the time change, and that is okay because from what I hear the energy savings are negligible anyway.  But it is nice of them to screw up everyone's internal clock for some antiquated reason and make every pissed off about losing an hour of sleep.

Selection Sunday:  I LOVE Selection Sunday.  This is the day where a boardroom full of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) big wigs get together, eat pizza, and argue about who should be included in the ever-expanding field of 68 teams who get a chance to play for the National Championship in men's basketball.  And women's.  I love it because there are lots of teams who just know they are in, and there are lots of conference championship automatic bid that get sewn up in the eleventh hour, but my favorite are the teams on what they call "the bubble."  Those are the teams who don't know if they are going to be in the tournament or out of it.  Oh yeah.  Invariably, the major networks will have cameras in living rooms and arenas where these "bubble teams" watch hopefully to see where and who they will play.  When a team is in, their sweatsuit-clad players will always freak out and jump up and down and pump their fists in the air in a way that actually pre-dated Jersey Shore, and the teams that are out will sit there quietly with bad posture, with about a third of the team looking dejected, about a third looking like they are going to cry, and about a third looking as if they are going to go out and commit a felony just to get their anger out.  Well, jerkbags, maybe you should have beat University of Maryland-Eastern Shore or Auburn in November and you would have been in.
It is also the day that leads everyone on Monday to be using company resources to print out brackets and company time to fill them out, and I will admit that I will be one of those people.  And most importantly, it is the kickoff for the greatest even in all of sports.  Except for maybe the Olympics.  But the greatest yearly event.

     So as you can see, it is a pretty eventful Sunday, AND I am going to do some laundry.  So you can imagine how excited I am.  I hope you are too.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

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