Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tip Your Waitress

I'll give Keri Russell a tip.
     I went out to dinner last night, Company, and had a delicious turkey dinner.  Delicious but honestly underwhelming.  It was, however, delivered in a timely fashion with a lot of courtesy and respect and most importantly, a smile.  So you can imagine how mortified I was when I came to this morning and realized that I forgot to give the poor waitress a tip.
     I did not do so intentionally, I assure you.  No matter how poor my service has been, I have left no tip maybe once in my life, and I am pretty sure that I was under the influence of someone else.  See, the problem is that I have worked for tips before - just as many of you have before, Company - so I know how important they are as a source of income.  And, I have to honest, I didn't even work in a job where tips were figured as a major part of the income.  They were just gravy.  But I have known enough people who have worked as waiters and waitresses and bartenders, and I can understand and appreciate that spending time and effort on one customer that gives you nothing when you are only making a base wage of $3.52 per hour or whatever.  That is why I usually try to tip above and beyond what most people do.
     So needless to say I felt like shit this morning.  Very disappointed in myself.  I could see the girl being angry and disappointed when she came by and there was nothing there for her.  And rightfully so.  I would assume that she even cursed us under her breath, or maybe even out loud to her co-workers.  Again, rightfully so.  I wouldn't be upset if she had done it right in front of me, because it would have made me give her something.  So I immediately began a sort of disaster plan, which is this: since the restaurant is right next to our hotel we are staying at (I am away from the Worldwide Headquarters this weekend) I am going to bop over there this afternoon and see if she is working.  And I am going to leave her an extra big tip for the trouble, although I admit that I just thought of that part as I was typing out this post.
     This isn't about what she thinks of me, okay?  That is not it.  I don't particularly care.  This is about a couple of other things:
1.)  Me sleeping better at night.  I am not going to lie.  I feel like shit and I want to make it right.  That is what this mostly is about.
2.)  Making things right.  Things are not as they should be, karma is not aligned, the Universe is pissed off.  It needs to get back in whack
3.)  Her piece of mind.  She needs to know she did a good job and that sometimes the world does do what it is supposed to.
      So that is what I am going to do, and I hope that she is working.  If not I am sure that time will heal all wounds.  But I am going to try and make it right.  Because that is the right thing to do.  Remember, always tip your waitress folks, and don't be like me.

(Editor's Note: The damage control plan worked.  The waitress was there when I went in the next day, and she got a fat tip.  All's well that ends well.)

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