Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is Springing...Sort Of.

This is coming, Company.
     Summer is coming, Company.
     Wait, what?  It is like 12° outside the Worldwide Headquarters and there is crusty snow - the worst kind of snow - all over the ground and even a little on the buildings, too.  Also, my car wouldn't start this morning and there is still hockey being played in arenas around the country, and of course all over Canada.  The "snowbirds" are still down in Florida and Arkansas and Texas and Arizona with their Buicks and Cadillacs, etc.  Also, I am pretty sure that my car was not white when I bought it, yet it seems to be white right now, and I am always getting the white on my when I am leaning against it.  Last time I checked, those are all signs of winter.
     Okay, I will give you that.  I totally understand where you are coming from, Company.  But the signs are starting to change.  Let us take a gander, shall we?  (Get it, Gander?  Geese? HAHAHAHAHA!  I am so hilarious.)
     First of all, the birds are starting to return, which is neat.  Not all of them, and the geese aren't coming back north yet, but some of the early risers are beginning to meander into the area to hang out with all the winter birds, to tell them about what it is like down south.  So that is a sure fire sign of spring, when the first birds begin to trickle in.
     The reason that they are coming in is that the angle of the sun it starting to get pretty high and it is staying light longer.  Anything that is concrete or asphalt or man made that gets snow on it loses the snow almost instantaneously.  Well, not that quickly but pretty damn quick.  It's not dark when you get home from work if you work first shift, and sometimes it almost even feels warm.  You don't quite notice it unless you are looking for it, but the angle of the sun is getting higher.
     I guess that's it.  Those are the biggest two signs.  I am sure that there are others as well.  But those are the two most noticeable, and they are stunning when you finally notice them.  So take a look around next time the sun is out.  Don't use one of those typical dreary February days, and don't try this if you live in the Pacific Northwest, but do it to it next time you are outside.  Spring is right around the corner.  You just have to look.  And believe a little bit.  And ignore the calendar.

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