Thursday, February 03, 2011

Old Men and Shooty Hoops

Ouch. Super Ouch.

     One of my favorite South Park episodes is the one where the boys dance like High School Musical and the kid who is good at basketball has the dad who slaps everyone silly, and he always calls basketball shooty hoops.  So sorry about that.  The real title of this post should have been called "Old Men and Basketball."
     Some of my friends and I started playing basketball exactly one week ago.  They wanted to do a Gus Macker tournament, and I was more than happy to help them get in shape by showing up on Thursdays to play 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 or whatever on whatever.  It is not like running around a little bit is going to hurt me any.  But we are a mix of middle aged guys, myself - who is sort of a tweener - and teenagers.  Not playing a lot, and then starting to on a cement floor, it was bound to be a problem.  It was bound to get somebody hurt.  And it took exactly one week.
     That is right, someone go hurt tonight.  We had to pack it up and call it early because a body kept moving when an ankle decided to stop.  It is not catastrophic, at least it doesn't seem so.  He could sort of walk on it, and he was able to get it.  So it is not broken and he didn't snap something that ends in the initials -CL, so that is good.  But it only took two times.  Two times and we had our first injury.  And of course it was not to one of the kids.  Oh well.  I guess that we will see what happens next week.  I suppose we should have the paramedics there, shouldn't we?
     Editor's Note: Just in case you were wondering, the picture at top is the X-ray of NFL running back Najeh Devenport's broken ankle.  Sucks to be him.

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