Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moving Day

     You might have noticed, Company, that there was no new post for you to read yesterday.  That is because yesterday was moving day, and since I have moved enough times in the last ten years to last a couple of people a lifetime, I know how much it sucks.  And this time was no exception.
      My problem is that I have a nasty tendency to procrastinate whenever I do things, and moving is no exception.  My least terrible move was when I picked up the entire Worldwide Headquarters and moved it from the US to this off-shore tax haven in one fell swoop in with very little notice.  It seems to me that when I know a long way out that it is coming, it always ends up being a clusterfuck.
     It wasn't a clusterfuck this time, but I have been working on this for some time.  I have been moving a box or two over a series of weeks, and so when it came down to moving day (the day to move all the furniture) I thought I'd be done, but on moving day yesterday and cleaning day today it seemed like it was taking forever and that it was never, ever going to end.
     But it has.  The house is pretty much set up, the garage is filled to the rafters and literally beyond, and all is set except for a couple of small things.  A plant to be hung here, a self waiting to get put up there.  Most of it involved pounding nails and that is always fun, so we are all set.
     That being said, I apologize for yesterday.  Moving day just took up all my time.  And even though it was hilarious that I had a 27 ft long U-Haul for my like twelve things, and I had a kickass helper who worked for beer, it still sucked.  So I am glad it is done.  But I am already dreading when the next time was.

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