Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

     Today is Valentine's Day, Company, and if you are a boy who has forgotten your special lady friend then you had better hurry up and get some flowers and candy before it is all gone or the only shit left is all crap.  And do you want another tip?  If you forget, or don't get out in time, just fess us and do something super nice tomorrow.  Don't come in with a pack of Uno cards from your friendly local gas station.  Oh, and I almost forgot: If you are a lady and have forgotten that it is Valentine's Day, don't sweat it.  You guy has probably forgotten too and you guys can just avoid it this year.
     Anyway, like I said it is Valentine's Day and the flowers are rolling into the Worldwide Headquarters, and I have to admit that I am flattered but I can't be EVERYBODY'S valentine, Company.  No, I am just kidding.  They are for the female members of the staff, each of which have a very different idea about just what is appropriate for the holiday.  Some dig it.  Some abhor it.  Some just don't care.  The trick is finding out just what your particular woman thinks.
     Sometimes you hit the mark just right, sometimes you fall a little short, and sometimes you go way overboard.  Just remember, the important thing is that you just show how much you love the person and how special they are to you.  That and the snowballs.  You have to make time for snowballs.  So just do something nice, let them know that you care.  That is what it is all about.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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