Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Chooseco, World of Warcraft, Groundhog Day, and Full Strength Coffee

CYOA #8: Escape - My favorite one
     I spend a lot of time on the blog writing about how bad certain businesses are with customer service, or just being businesses in general, so I think that it is only fair that I mention a business that does things well, or acts in way that all of us want businesses to act.  A couple of days ago I wrote a post about Choose Your Own Adventure books and how much I liked them.  Then, something surprising happened. Or at least surprising to me.  A representative of Chooseco sent me an e-mail ( to say that she enjoyed my blog post about the books.  She commented that she likes to see how fans have enjoyed their books, especially since the publishing run has spanned several generations.  I was floored.  It made my day.  I think that it is so fantastic that a company would reach out to its fans like that.  That is how business should be done.  Go out and buy Choose Your Own Adventure books or any of the other books published by Chooseco.  Support a company that does things the right way.
     I was lying in bed last last night watching reruns of South Park, and they showed the World of Warctaft episode.  I noticed somewhere in the episode a date of 2006, which made me sort of take notice.  First of all, it has been five years since World of Warcraft was at its height, and second I started to wonder what the hell happened to it.  Five years ago, everyone I knew was playing what they called WOW, and they were all bugging me to play along.  I refused, and unlike Facebook I won that battle because I never played the game.  I do, however, remember all my friends and companions and acquaintances (if I ever had to spell that word in a spelling bee, I would just throw up my hands and say "I'm out!" because I never spell it correctly - another word like that is guarantee) were all geeked out because a lot of the lingo and stuff they use in the South Park episode is real WOW terms.  That, to me, was the height of super ultimate geekery, but then again I have gotten an erection over road signs, so who am I to talk?  Anyway, nobody talks about World of Warcraft anymore, and I don't know of anyone who admits to playing it.  Sucks to be WOW.
     Somewhere along the way in my life I became a coffee drinker.  I am not sure why, and I don't think that I am totally addicted to it yet, but I have a cup or maybe two every morning.  I can get by without it if I have to, but I think I just like to have a little hot liquid going down into my insides - especially in the wintertime - and plus it is always made and ready when I get to work and I don't have to make it like I would tea or hot chocolate.  And am a lazy, lazy person.  The point is that we usually have coffee with half the caffeine, or half-caff, and that is fine.  But the last couple of days, Dr. J has been making real coffee with all the caffeine and none of the pansyness, and I have been like an ADD kid who has just eaten a Hershey bar.  I am bouncing off walls.  I am fidgeting - a lot.  And I can't seem to focus.  Dr. J says he feels like Beavis when he turns into Cornholio.  Me too, a little.  It is freaking me out just a little bit.  We should probably get the half-caff back, just for everyone's safety.
     By the way it is Groundhog Day today, and Bill Murray is nowhere to be seen.  It doesn't matter whether or not your friendly local groundhog saw his shadow or not, it is still going to be cold as hell.  I hope that those wackos in Pennsylvania had fun standing outside in the blizzard/ice storm waiting for Phil to come out of his burrow, and I hope that he was smart enough to stay in bed.

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