Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Building Your Lego Life Castle

In this post, these are events and identities.
     Here is the deal, Company, and I am only going to say it once, so you had better listen up.  The things you do will always be a part of you.  So you might as well fess us and just deal with it.
     Let me give you a prime example, okay?  If you are in a car riding with some friends to Spring Break, and you let the most atrocious fart in the history of mankind, you are always going to be known for that fart.  You can't get rid of it, not ever.  You could be President of the United States, and you could have just brokered a peace deal between cats and dogs, and you would still be that President who almost asphyxiated his buddies on Spring Break that one time.  That is just how it works.
     See, life is sort of like building a Lego castle with bricks that you can never remove.  Because time only goes in one direction - forward - you can only add bricks and you can never subtract.  Now, you can put all other sorts of bricks on and around a certain brick, but you can never take it away.  It will always be there.  You start with that flat green piece when you are born.  Immediately people begin building the castle for you.  Your parents give you a name brick that you can never take away - say Emily.  You can change your name to Ladysmith Black Mombasa when you are 23 if you would like, but you can never change the fact that your name was once Emily.  That block will always be there.  There will just be a Ladysmith Black Mombasa block stacked somewhere else in the wall.  The blocks are added as you go along in life: the circumcision block, the broken arm block, the failing high school biology block, the clergy block, the award winning author block.  Whatever.  You keep stacking them throughout your life but you can never, ever take them away.
      So what is the deal with that?  Why are you telling me this?  That is sort of depressing to know that we can't truly ever undo what we have done.  That no matter how retarded the castle looks we can never go back and start over.  It doesn't have to be depressing though, you just have to accept it.  Whatever blocks are there are there.  You might not like that the falling in the septic tank block is in your Lego Life Castle, but it is there.  And it is important because it is supporting other, later additions.  So even though it is ugly and it sucks there is some sort of merit to it.  It is part of your castle.  It is part of you.
     The important lessons to take away from this little discussion, Company, is that 1.) Legos are cool and b.) you just have to be careful what blocks you pick out for your castle.  Granted, sometimes you don't pick the block and someone puts it there for you, but in the end you have a great amount of creative control.  And you have an infinite number of Legos out there to choose from.  So choose wisely, but remember that no matter what comes out in the end, your castle is cool.  Because it is yours.

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