Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Happenings

     Your day is made up of sequences of events.  Sometimes they are mundane; for instance you go to work then you have some coffee then your boss comes around and then it's lunchtime, etc, etc.  Sometimes your day is pretty much made up of one gigantic event, like your wedding day or the day that your child is born, whatever.  Or maybe it is made up of like fifty-six gigantic events, in which case you are Jack Bauer.  But I digress.  Then sometimes you have a day that is made up of a large sequence of mid-major events, sort of like the MVC basketball schedule.  Wanna hear about them?  Okay.

-  I left my boots in my car and my coat at someone else's house, so it was a cold, icy morning for me.  I had to wear my shoes out to the car and put my boots on there.  Cold boots are the worst, and my laces were frozen straight, which made them very hard to tie.  I had to stop and pick up my coat along the way.  At least that was inside, because a cold coat is the second worst.

-  I could not get into the driveway at work.  About 4 inches of snow fell last night, and other people had managed to get in, but I could not, even when I got a running start (figuratively speaking) I couldn't make it, although I was doing good until my wheels turned without my consent.  Anyway, some nice guy put his plow down and plowed me a path.  I should probably tell you that there is a hill in the driveway right when you turn off the road, so it is not that my car blows or I don't exactly know how to drive in the snow, there were unique property features that aided in my failure.

- Some retread hit my car.  Once the official plow showed up, I had to move my car so that the plow could plow properly.  YOU HAVE TO MOVE YOUR FUCKING CAR SO THE PLOW CAN PLOW PROPERLY!  Sorry, that was for the dillholes who don't know that and live in apartments, duplexes, etc.  Anyway, the plow came through and I moved my car so it was parked along the traffic lanes.  I am talking to some guy in a Geo Prizim (that is my second Geo Prizim reference this week - strange) and he goes to back up to leave.  So he apparently thinks that it is a good idea to floor it and crank the wheel, which leads him to spin the front of his car around directly into mine.  No damage though, so that was good.  But how fucking retarded were you, especially when you were just asking me about my car?

-  I took some dogs for a walk.  Gone With the Wind's dogs to be exact, a big loveable Rottweiler and a little Husky thing, and they actually walked nice and gave me no problems.  They even got along with one another and seemed to have fun.  Then, the puppy went back in his cage without a lot of fuss.  I know that is not such a mid-major event, but when you've been working all morning that is pretty good.

-  Tonight I am going to a get together with friends to watch a football game.  I know that doesn't sound like much, and it hasn't happened yet, but getting together with your friends around anything and adding a pot of chili is always a good thing.  Plus, I never get to watch football since I don't get TV in my corner of the Worldwide Headquarters.  Also, there will be taco dip.  HAHAHAHA.  I like taco dip.

So those are some of the events that made up my Saturday.  Most of those could stand alone on any day, and be like the main feature, but they all teamed up to make my Saturday a slightly more than normal Saturday.  Hope yours was just as more than normal.

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