Sunday, January 09, 2011

Freaky Friday

     There are three things that are always on my person: my wallet, my cell phone, and my keys.  They are my constant travelling companions, and when I am wearing jeans or slacks they each have a certain place where they go, like a certain pocket.  Sometimes when I am wearing a hooded sweatshirt, they all get a chance to mingle together in my gigantic front pocket.  Well anyway, this past Friday I managed to only go 1 for 3, which would be great for a baseball player but isn't so hot when you are talking about the three things that make your life go forward.
     First was the wallet.  I had it at lunchtime.  I know because I paid for my lunch like a productive member of society.  And I vaguely remember having it when I left work, and I know that somewhere along the way I remember sitting on it and feeling it there.  Since the only places that I had gone were to the post office, where I didn't even get out of my car because I didn't want to get shot by some crazy postal worker, and Baby Doll's parents' house, so I figured that it was probably there.  So we searched the usual places: the chair I was sitting in, the counter spaces in case I absent-mindedly set it down somewhere along the way (which I have a habit of doing), and of course the couch.  This is where I thought it was, because I was lying there like a lump and her nephew was using me as a sort of jungle gym.  So we looked and took off the cushions and felt around and came up with nothing.
      I was, however pretty sure that it was in or around or under that couch somewhere, but I wanted to double check around the Dyke Sedan 2, my desk at work, etc.  So I went to leave, and since it is winter and I live in the Great White North, I started the car and shut the door and went to brush off the snow and scrape off the ice.  Except I managed to lock the door as well.  All four of them to be more precise.  That's right, I locked my keys inside my running car, which I know is not uncommon, but happened to happen on the same day I lost my wallet. 
     I tried to break into my car, like I have had to do with all my cars before and a couple of my suites at the Worldwide Headquarters, but I have a relatively new car for the first time in a long time, and apparently they are engineering those things to be harder to break into these days.  So I couldn't do the old coat hanger trick, and I didn't want to damage things.  Thankfully, Baby Doll's dad was nice enough to take my to get a spare key to my apartment, then to y apartment, then back to my car with the spare.
     In the end, all was well.  My car was toasty warm when I got back into it, and I only burned two or there dead dinosaurs in the process.  I found my wallet deep in the recesses of the infamous couch the next day, and all was accounted for, not that there had even been any doubt.  And life went on.  But it was certainly a nerve-wracking day. A Freaky Friday indeed.

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