Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time to Leave the House

     There is a guy who lives across the street from the Worldwide Headquarters who doesn't leave his apartment.  Well, I am not sure it is his apartment because another guy has lived there and the guy in questions just sort of moved in, but we have watched the place like all day and night for a long time now and he just doesn't leave or go anywhere.  Periodically, his mom comes around in her little Hyundai and brings a bad of groceries or clean laundry or a 24-pack of Keystone Light, but he doesn't ever seem to leave the place.  Now that is fucked up.
      There really isn't a reason for it, other then because he can get away with it, as far as I can see.  He is in his 20s and seems perfectly capable of holding down a job, but he seems to have no interest because his mom brings him everything.  I just don't understand it.  I thought for a while that maybe he was a seasonal worker type - there are a lot of those people around here - but he has pretty much had the same sort of agenda in both summer and winter.  It's nuts.  Does he realize how much he is missing?  Does he know that there are other people and things out there?  I don't think he has some sort of mental disease that keeps him in or anything, I think he just sucks.  I wish he'd leave, if even just for some fresh air.  All that dusty, guy-stink air can't be good for his lungs when breathed in continuously for six months or so.  Go outside guy.  See and be seen. It is good for you.  And maybe your mom won't have to bring you Keystone Light every other day.


KingBobb said...

I'm not gonna lie, if someone was willing to bring me all the essentials for life, I would probably be a shut in. Who needs society?

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