Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pearl Harbor Anniversary

     So, Company, today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which is in Hawai'i, which wasn't even a state yet when it happened.  If you are of a younger generation and you are failing to grasp the significance of this event, think September 11th.  That was the type of thing this was.  And so it stands that today, an ever smaller group of survivors will walk out onto the monument that sits atop the sunken hulk of the USS Arizona battleship, one of over a dozen US Navy and civilian ships that were destroyed during the attack in order to honor their fallen brethren - almost 2500 killed and 1300 wounded between the military and civilians - with a ceremony that has been going on for 69 years.  We are not going to get into all the specifics and details here beyond what we have already laid down, but let us just say that flags are flying at half staff today for a very good reason.  So take a moment to remember all the fallen heroes from so long ago, and to remember as well the heroes who haven't fallen yet, or who survived that day but aren't with us anymore.  Thank you to them all.

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