Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old Parked Cars

     Don't ask me why, but I was looking at pictures of Renault Encore's (I said not to ask my why!) when I came upon this blog post:  Not, not only did I come across these hilarious pictures of a DMC-12 (you might know it as a Delorean) being used as a Quizno's delivery vehicle somewhere in Oregon, which I will comment on in a moment, but I came face to face with what is now one of my favorite new blogs: Old Parked Cars.
     The premise of this blog is simple.  The creator and a couple of his friends, as they wander about their lives in the Pacific Northwest, take pictures of rare or old cars parked on the street, in parking lots, in driveways, etc.  I am not sure if they are seeking permission from the owners or what - because they never obscure the license plates - but there are some gems in there.  The thing about it is this: They aren't just some schmoes taking photos, and these aren't just car photos.  They are done with a very highly developed sense of scene and light and all that good stuff.  They are pictures of cars taken artfully.  So if you are into cars then they are good for you, and if you are into artful photographs then they are for you, and if you are into artful photographs of cars you will never leave the site.
     But back to the lecture at hand: why the hell would you use a Delorean as your Quizno's delivery car?  What the fuck is with that.  Do you think that you can just kick in the flux capacitor and get the sandwiches there faster?  There aren't that many floating around out there these days; they are kind of a collector item.  Plus, they get super shitty gas mileage.  I could see if maybe you were going to use it as a marketing tool or something, but all in all it is pretty stupid I think, unless of course that is the only car that you own.  I just don't think that some pizza-faced teenager in a Delorean bringing me my chicken, bacon, and whatever sandwich is really something that I want to see or experience.
     But in all seriousness, I would advise you to check out if you want to see some pictures and kill some time.  I know I will be.

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