Monday, December 13, 2010

The Not-Quite Bionic Man

     Sometimes, Company, when I am in the car, I like to hear like other voices talking to me.  Not so much the voices that are in my head, but other people...human voices.  I had one of those times today, and since I like sports, I tuned my radio to sports radio on the AM dial.  That is when I heard something freaking amazing.  They were talking about some sort of football player who had hurt himself and was expected to be out for the rest of the regular season after getting arthroscopic knee surgery.  That is not terribly impressive until you realize that there are only like three weeks left in the regular season.
     Holy fucking shit!  Do you realize how amazing that is?  I mean, I understand that professional athletes are highly conditioned and in the best shape, and that they have medical coverage that is way beyond what even the Big Dave and Company HMO could ever dream of.  And that is all well and good, but that is still impressive.  They can take a person with an injury that in caveman times a.) probably wouldn't have happened and b.) probably would have killed the person and make two little holes, insert some tubes with cameras and little grabbers, and sew stuff up and make it good again.  Then, in three weeks they could be back to playing PROFESSIONAL SPORTS like they were before.  That is incredible.
     Have you ever really thought of that?  By the time they started to get some sort of medicine, by the start of the 20th Century or so, they would have put some braces on the guy and he would have been lucky to be walking again, but here we are and he is going to be not only walking but running and bearing a ton of weight and getting pushed on by fat sweaty guys?  That is fucking nuts beyond nuts.  One hundred years ago, fifty years ago, nobody would have been allowed to even think about something like that happening because it would have been so far fetched.  But these days it happens routinely, to the point where it almost didn't register in my mind when I hear it come out of my speakers.  How amazing.  The miracles of modern medicine, hey?

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