Sunday, December 05, 2010

Land for Sale

     It is Sunday morning and I am confused.  Granted, I have been up for over an hour and am still trying to shake the cobwebs from my head, and I am only about three sips into my first cup of coffee, but I am still confused.  Because there is some property up for sale in Montana and the realtor listing it doesn't seem to want to talk about it.
     Now that's strange.  I work with a lot of realtors, and I know a fair amount about realtors, and I have seen a lot of them in life and I can tell you some things about them.  First of all, they are salesmen.  Or saleswomen.  Don't be confused by their fancy blazers and professional associations, they are salespeople who sell property.  And they live off the commission that they receive from selling those properties.  So when the realtor has a national news syndicate on the phone asking about his listing, one would expect.  Every realtor that I know would be touting the wonderful things about his listing so that people from Seattle to Sarasota would be willing to plunk down $69,500 for 1.4 acres of prime, secluded Montana mountain glory.  That struck me as odd, even in my morning haze.  Especially since he touted all the super special things about it in his online advertisement.
     Maybe it was the barbed wire that surrounded the 1.4 acre property near Lincoln, strung around the property atop a chain link fence.  Maybe it was the cryptic "FBI" branded into a tree.  Or the lack of running water or electricity on the property.  Or the fact that the cabin that belonged to the property is now housed on display in the Newseum in Washington, D.C, thousands of miles away.  Or maybe he was just sick and tired of fielding questions about his high-profile listing.  See this was Ted Kaczynski's property.  Yes, this was the home of the Unibomber.
     And it can all be yours.  And for a shockingly low price.  Recently it was on sale for over twice as much - $154,000 - but now it can be yours for a price that is still pretty high for a piece of land so remote and small.  But whatever.  Someone will pay the price of the property just to have a piece of history.  Unless the next Unibomber will want it because it seemed to work so well for the first one.  Who knows.  But either way, it can all be yours for one low price, from a realtor who won't talk, on a confusing Sunday morning.

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