Saturday, December 18, 2010

iTunes Runaround

     I used to love iTunes, especially the iTunes store.  I always thought it was a great program for managing your music - you could sort it by anything and see it in all sorts of neat ways.  I especially liked it because the Big Dave and Company Memorial Laptop of Justice is a Mac, and it just works so splendidly with it.  The problem, though, is a problem that I run into time and time again: I liked the version of iTunes I had when I first had it.  But they, in this case the folks at Apple, kept tweaking it and adding features and - here's the problem - nagging and forcing me to update to the newest, latest, and best version.  Soon the iTunes that I was used to was just a shell of its former self, maybe newer and better and faster but not the one I liked, and certainly not the one that I was familiar and comfortable with.
     So here I am today, looking for and finding the song that I am looking for on iTunes, and I am attempting to buy it.  Yeah, that is not working so well.  I used to use a shopping cart so I could put all my songs in there and buy them at once instead of buying them one at a time.  Well, iTunes promptly tells me that I am no longer able to have a shopping cart, that they do not offer that feature any longer.  They now allow only one-touch buying and instead have something called a "Wish List" which is very much like Amazon, probably because apparently Apple is in league with the folk at Amazon.  Except that the Wish List has a buy all button so it is just like a Shopping Cart anyway.  So why couldn't they just let me have my Shopping Cart?
     Okay, fine, I have learned all about the Wish List but I have still failed to download the song that I want.  Okay.  I think I have this figured out.  So I go back to get the song that I want and suddenly it is 30¢ more.  That's fucked up.  Turns out that this song is on like six different albums, and on some of them it is worth $1.29 and on others it is only 99¢ worth of music.  That's fucked up too.  So of course I buy it off one of the 99¢ albums because, duh, it's cheaper.  Not that hard to figure out, Apple.
      So I am ready now to click the little semi-mandatory one-click buy button.  So I do.  Simple enough, right?  But no.  I still can't buy anything.  Turns out that my credit card billing information that they have in their files is out of date.  That card is expired.  So I go though the motions of changing the whole thing.  Done.  Update.  New card.  New date.  New address for the Worldwide Headquarters.  Now I can buy.  Long story short - I could have driven to the used record store and flipped through the stacks faster than this.  It took my two days to get a new song from the formerly great iTunes.  But I got it, and it makes me happy.  if now I could just get the album art straightened out... 

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