Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

     Well Company, it is the last day and last post of 2010, but we are going to leave the resolutions and looking forward for tomorrow.  So that is something to look forward to.  However, just because we aren't looking forward doesn't necessarily mean that we are going to be looking backward either.  Year in review?  Not here.  Everyone is going to be doing a year in review type thing so we most definitely are not.  At least not at this time.  But we will reflect just a little bit.  So let us begin.
     First of all, I seem to be out of The Doldrums that we talked about the other day, they seem to be gone.  Some sort of wind has moved me away and beyond that state, and I am thankful because that is no way to end what has been a pretty good year.  Lots of new and exciting things have happened in life and and here around the Worldwide Headquarters.
     A lot of the new developments have centered around the Big Dave and Company Podcast, which will look at 2010 as the first year that it was on the air from Jan 1-Dec 31, which isn't such a big deal but is still kind of exciting none the less.  Aside from cranking out 50 fresh and exciting podcasts during the year (that's right, only 50, we took a couple of weeks off in there) we were able to do a couple of contests, get established on Facebook and Twitter, and we were even able to open a store where you can buy high quality and super cool merchandise.
     We have had a good year here at the blog too, weaning another set of Unpaid Interns, churning out quality posts, giving away the Dirt Devil Presents the Third Annual Big Dave and Company Blog of the Year Award Brought to You By Shrek Forever After (In Theatres Now) to Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century.   And, as an added bonus we have avoided sticking our foot in our mouth like we did last year and getting in trouble by running our mouths.  Maybe we should have, because it really makes for a much, much more interesting time.
     And so on we go into 2011.  We will celebrate tonight just like you will, and tomorrow we will begin 2011 by making some resolutions and spending a very cold and very tiring morning at the dump.  What a way to start the season.  Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours, and may your 2011 turn out to be much better, joyful, and successful 2011 than was your 2010, no matter how good your 2010 was.  We will try to make it so as well.  Be safe and and have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

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