Thursday, December 02, 2010

For All the Wrong Reasons

     Did you know, Company, that there are people out there who famous for being famous.  They don't do anything of note other than be well known, and I am failing to see what they contribute to society.
      It's not like they do nothing - like Seinfeld - or not that they are actors or actresses.  Or they have perfumes lines or clothing lines or make anything.  Oh wait, they do do most of those things, but in their messed up and backward realm they get to do those things that make most people famous just because they are famous.  That's fucked up.  That is the wrong direction.  That is like when rain falling created clouds.  Let me give you an example, okay Company?  Let us take that useless waste of space Paris Hilton as one of the prime specimens.  She got famous because her dad was rich and she liked to party.  Sorry, PART-TAY.  There you go: getting drunk and acting like a hooch gets you on TV a lot.  And she made a sex tape.  That, coupled with copious amounts of her father's money, got her a clothing line, and pretty soon she was in movies, etc.  Her fame led to her becoming an actress, not like everyone else where being an actress makes you famous.
     As a matter of fact, on Wikipedia it lists her first occupation as "socialite" which I didn't know was an occupation until I looked it up today.  It says that on Kim Kardashian's little profile as well, along with "entrepreneur" which to me says that you can't figure out what they do as a occupation, which is sad.  Sort of like when Lewis Black says that a corporation shouldn't be allowed to exist if they can't explain in one sentence what they do, you shouldn't be famous if you can't tell me why.  And I am sorry Kim, having a domineering mother, quasi-famous stepfather, a big ass and making a sex tape doesn't really seem to me like a sound basis for being famous for more than 15 minutes or so. 
    All of this makes me sad.  Super sad about the state of the world in which we live.  I mean, none of us could pick a Nobel Prize winner, or the Prime Minister of South Africa, or the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court out of a lineup if our lives depended on it, but we could pick Kim Kardashian's ass out of a book of ass photos probably.  It's terrible.  And don't tell me that these celebrities - and they aren't all girls, Company - are doing good things for the world.  They aren't.  Getting arrested and serving time isn't setting a good example.  They have some philanthropic efforts, but it is the bare minimum that they need to do to sleep at night and get endorsement deals.  Real philanthropy involves giving fifty bucks to buy mosquito nets for an entire African village, and doing it even where there isn't a camera in your face.
      I am not exactly sure what my point is here, Company, and to be brutally honest I am not sure that there even is one.  Maybe I am just bitching and moaning because I like to bitch and moan.  Maybe I am just sick of seeing them.  Maybe I am jealous of them.  I just don't know and to be honest I just don't care.  I just want people to validate their celebrity with something more than just "people like me."  No.  I need you to do something.  Make a good movie.  Write a book that is about something other than being famous.  Just do something, because otherwise there is nothing good about what you do.  And looking hot is not a reason to be famous.  And that is that.

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