Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Home

     I know that the Christmas holiday is over, and that I am a staunch supporter of ending a holiday once the holiday is over, but Christmas seems to drag on forever anyway with people leaving their trees up until the middle of January and their lights until the middle of July, so I figured that one day off would not hurt.  That being said, I saw a lot of planes landing and taking off during my holiday travels (especially today) despite the fact that I was not flying myself, and that got me thinking a little bit.
     I am not a fan of the whole Christmas away from home thing.  And I am not talking about leaving the comfort of your very own Worldwide Headquarters to go to grandma's house, I am talking about the whole family hopping on a plane to Paris like we were in Home Alone or something.  I don't dig it.  TB at work did it this year, carting the whole family off to a central-ish location for merriment, and I suppose that is okay, but it is just not for me.  I am not a fan.
      See, I understand that the holidays are all about people and family, and spending the time with the people who count, but the sense of place is very important to me and my life.  So even if the people are right, if they aren't in the right place, it might as well be a spooky dream to me, because that is what the craziest of my dreams tend to be: the wrong people in the wrong place.
     So that is what Christmas would be to me if I had hopped onto one of those planes with their bright lights shining down on the world below.  I understand that many of those people were probably returning to New York from the family homestead in Kansas, and that is fine, but I am sure a lot of them decided to go to Aspen for the holiday.  Or the lake house, which I always sort of thought was just as bad.  That sense of home just sort of gets lost if you ask me.  If that is what you choose to do, that is just fine.  Most power to you.  You won't find me doing it anytime soon if I have any say in the matter though.  That is just the way that I am.  From everyone here at Big Dave and Company, we hope that you had a Merry Christmas and that you were able to make it to and fro with safety and speed.  And a Happy Pre-Emptive New Year to you as well, since that is right on the horizon.

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