Monday, December 27, 2010

The A-Team Van

If you follow this link (Editor's Note: Not anymore.  The vehicle was removed from sale shortly after this post was written but before it actually posted. Sorry) you will be able to see the coolest thing that is available for sale anywhere in the world right now.
    That's right Company, the A-Team van is for sale.  Not the exact A-Team van - I am sure that thing was wrecked like 96 times - but an exact replica.  Made and certified by the guy who made the van for the show.  How freaking cool is that?
    It is and will always be a 1983 GMC Vandura with sliding door and V-8 engine.  It has a genuine paint scheme and brush guard, and authentic interior.  And here is the best part: It is filled with all sorts of A-Team sort of replica stuff.  Like basically it is filled with fake guns and grenades, and a flat-screen TV with DVD player and the A-Team on DVD.  How freaking awesome is that?
    What that means is that you can actually sit in your A-Team van and watch the A-Team van cruise around the California countryside on your TV.  Now I understand that the whole flat-screen thing maybe isn't true to the original A-Team van but I don't care, because it is a nice touch.  The whole package goes for $38,000 and would make the perfect gift for the man who grew up in the 80s and has everything.
    I almost would be afraid to drive the thing, which makes it stupid to buy because why buy the A-Team van when you aren't going to drive it around, right?  I would just want to park it in the front yard in the summer and spray it with some water so that it looks like I just washed it, even though there is no reason to wash it because I am not driving it anywhere, it is just hanging out in my garage.  But it always looks cool when you have a hot car (or van in this case) that is parked like all across your lawn because you just washed it.  I am envisioning it parked sort of on the green lawn under a willow tree in a small California town with some brown hills in the background, it looks so cool it is almost beyond belief.  And all this can be yours if you just buy this van.  Oh man it would be sweet.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know if the "wrecked 96 times" is based on actual fact, or just a made up figure in your Big Dave and Company fantasy brain?

(I will be watching your blog for verification........)

Big Dave said...

96 is the actual number.