Saturday, November 06, 2010

Working for the Weekend

     Well Company, it is Saturday, and as an 8-4 kind of office slug, I am graciously allowed to have Saturday and Sunday off.  The thing about it, about Saturday and Sunday, or Tuesday and Friday, or Monday and Tuesday, or whatever your days off are, is that they never really become days off.  They just sort of become two days of the week on which you get to do a different kind of work.
     For instance, I am working today, getting things put away and all set up for the upcoming winter season.  And you are probably working today too, cleaning or mowing the lawn or doing whatever you do.  Even if you are on vacation, or travelling out of town, you are still doing work of some sorts, because you know that whenever you come back from vacation you are always more tired than you were before you left.  And that is because you are doing the work of travelling - making plans, driving around, hauling luggage, spending obscene amounts of money. 
      So what is the point of your days off if you are just doing other, unpaid work?  Why bother?  Why not just work eight hours a day, seven days a week, and get a bunch of overtime.  Probably number one your employer won't go for that, and number two that would suck bad too.  So maybe it is the variety in the work that makes the days off worthwhile.  Maybe putting up plastic insulation on my windows is a nice change from answering phones, and that is why I bother.  Maybe putting the Miles Standish, my beloved kayak, up into dry dock for the winter beats typing hours worth of monotonous government meeting minutes.  I don't know.
      But that's about all that I can figure out.  It's just a change in the chores from workday to weekend.   And if that is how it is it is fine with me.  I am happy to do my lists of chores with the TV screaming in the background.  It beats answering phones anyway, doesn't it?

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