Sunday, November 07, 2010

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Even the time changing guy is all screwed up.

    When people go on long flights, to places that are far away, they are often plagues by what is called jet lag.  That is the phenomenon by which your body takes some time to adjust to the change in time.  For instance, if you fly from Boston to San Francisco, that is a 3 hour time difference.  So when it is 4 pm in Boston it is only 1 pm in San Francisco.  But your body still thinks it is 4, and all the complications you would expect to happen, happen: you get sleepy at strange times, you wake up at strange times, and you get hungry at strange times.  It usually takes a day or two to acclimate yourself to the local environment and time.  No big deal.  But what you do not realize is that same sort of jet lag can happen with a time change of only an hour.  A lot like the time change that just happened.
     That's right, Company, since our extended period of Daylight Savings Time ended last night, or more correctly early this morning, I have been all fucked up.  I don't know what time of the day it is, I don't know if I am coming or going, and I ate dinner at a ridiculously early hour.  Now it is only 6:41 pm and I am starting to feel tired.  I hate this.  One wouldn't expect the change of only one hour - sixty measly minutes - to have such a profound affect but it does.  Wait until tomorrow morning when it is light out when I get up.  Freak me right the hell out.
     And it's not just the Daylight Savings Time change that gets me.  Oh no.  I have noticed this change before.  I used to live in a time zone that was one hour ahead of where the rest of my family lived, and when I would go home to visit it would always screw with my internal clock.  I would be awake at strange times and everything would just be out of whack.  It really is amazing.  Now, in a day or two all will be back to normal, but for now I am just sort of freaking out.  Because my eyes are inputting to my brain that it is 6:44 pm, but my body is inputting all the things that it would normally input at a quarter to eight.  It is almost like my body is the last room in the building whose clock is changed by the maintenance staff, so everybody in it is all out of sorts for a couple of extra days.
     That being said, if you see me in the street, cut me a little slack.  I don't have the slightest clue of what is going on or what time it happens to be.  I might be liable at any time of the day or night to go to sleep or try to eat breakfast.  Probably not though - I am a smart kind of guy and I will just eat brunch for the next couple of days until I figure out what time it is supposed to be, then I have a better chance of being sort of right.  But until I figure out what's up, just steer clear.  Because I would suspect that you are having similar problems, and if we happened to get together we would probably end up on some time that is a half hour off like Newfoundland Time, and that would probably make me pass out.  God help me as I head into the work week.

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