Monday, November 22, 2010

A Short Week in the Office

A short week is upon us,
And we go forth much filled with glee;
For those of us so lucky
Don't work five days, we work three.

So with holidays before us,
Monday morning is at hand;
We nurse productive feelings,
Or are too lazy just to stand.

For the short week makes us crazy,
In one bizarre way out of two;
For we work with extra vigor,
Or shun what we must do.

We dedicate to output,
With but three days we must face;
To get a ton of work done,
And increase productive pace.

Or else we just put time in,
No ambition can we fake;
We waste all time for time's sake,
Steal every minute we can take.

So if you are not like us,
And work the weekend through;
We owe a debt of gratitude,
A million times "Thank you."

For the end we know this,
In holiday's we're blessed;
Even though it sucks your soul out,
Sometimes office work's the best!

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