Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Unfriend Day

     I don't know if you have noticed, Company, but I am sort of against Facebook. I think that there are a lot of problems with Facebook and I generally think we'd be better off without it.  That being said, there are lots of people who disagree with me and think I would be left in a river with concrete boots on.  But I am glad to find that there is another person, who admittedly has access to a much larger platform to announce his feelings than I do, who has found a big problem with Facebook.
     That's right, Jimmy Kimmel has declared today National Unfriend Day, or NUD.  Last night was National Unfriend Day Eve, or NUDE.  But I digress.  The idea behind this day, today, National Unfriend Day, is that you go to your Facebook account, and remove as friends everyone on your friend list who isn't actually your friend.  For instance, all those celebrities? Unfriend.  That guy from high school that you didn't even know?  Unfriend.  Your boss?  Unfriend.  Anyone that you do not see socially outside of the Facebook realm should be unfriended.  Anyone that you wouldn't give your phone number to should be unfriended.  Anyone that you work with but don't genuinely like should be unfriended.
    The idea here is that you have Facebook "friends" who aren't really your friends.  They are just acquaintances or people you happen to know.  So your measure of 1200 "friends" isn't really accurate.  It just means that 1200 people happen to know or know of you.  Plus, you don't care about what half of your "friends" have to say, so how is it that they are your friends?  They aren't.  Some of them annoy the hell out of you with their posts, so they probably aren't your friends (although your friends might do that as well I suppose.)  On one episode, he featured the account of a young woman who posted that she was wearing her sneakers that day, and who posted the day before "Monday kickin me in da booty." and encouraged her to be the first person unfriended.  I tend to agree.
     That is the other segment of your "friend" population that Kimmel is encouraging you to unfriend on NUD: those people who refuse to post useful or interesting information.  If there is no reason really to have them as a friend, other than because they count as a friend in your total: Goodbye!  Get rid of them.  The irony here is that your unfriending them might cause them to begin to write interesting things on their Facebook page, in which case at least you have provided some sort of service for all the other people who still haven't unfriended them.
    The point here, Company, is not to hurt the feeling of, or deride, or embarrass the people you associate with on Facebook.  And it really isn't to bash Facebook either.  The point is to bring you closer to your real, bona-fide friends in life by filtering out all the other stuff getting in the way.  And isn't that what life is about?  Being close to the people who you cherish?  That, and making boatloads of cash.  Wait, what?  Never mind.  Life is about friends and loved ones.  Keep them, ditch the rest.  Happy National Unfriend Day.  And thanks Jimmy Kimmel.

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