Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

     Well Company, it is the day before Thanksgiving, the turkey has been pardoned, the pies are probably already being baked, and as all or most or some of you get ready to head out for your trips to wherever, I thought I should just take a moment of time to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and the safest of travels.
    As those of you flying are flagrantly violated by the folks at the TSA, either via machine or special hand maneuvers so they can see if you are trying to sneak a travel-sized bottle of Pert Plus on the plane, try to think about what Thanksgiving is all about: thankfulness for family, friends, health, wealth, etc, etc.  If you aren't particularly thankful for those things - perhaps because your wife left you and took the kids with, your now ex-wife left you for your best friend and golf pro Travis, you were recently diagnosed with a particularly nasty form of blasomycosis, and your hours at the factory were cut from forty a week to two half days twice a month - then feel free to use the holiday to celebrate the fact that the Pilgrims, goofy belt buckle hats and all, were able to con the local Native American tribes in New England to sit down and share a meal with them, using nothing but the most primitive form of charades.  Or, if you aren't into history or historical recreation, use the holiday to be thankful for more modern things: pro football and green bean casserole.
    I, however, choose to spend at least one portion of the day being thankful for pregnancy pants, and another part being thankful for my bed.  One usually comes before dinner, and one after, but I will leave it to you to figure out which goes where.  That is sort of like a little game you can play as you get ready for whatever it is you are doing today.  As for me, I am also thankful that I have the ability to take the long weekend off, which I am going to do.  I am even going to let the Unpaid Interns take the weekend off too, but I have tracking chips implanted in their skulls so I can know if they are trying to go to the police.
     Anyway, the point here is that you shouldn't expect any fresh and exciting content the next few days, unless of course I decide there is something that I can write about, of course.  So I hope that you have a happy holiday doing whatever it is that you are doing, and that you get to your destination safely should you be travelling.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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