Monday, November 08, 2010

Child for Sale

     I often have tried to figure out how much my life is worth.  Sometimes one would add up the value of all the things that you own - house, car, TV, etc. - and sort of peg it to that, like the Argentine Peso is pegged to the US Dollar.  Sometimes you think about your value to the community and the people around you.  Some people with warped minds like myself would think about the value of the oxygen and other elements that I consume, plus the value of the tissues and other minerals, etc. within my body and I would calculate that.  But in the end, no matter the method I choose, I am never comfortable putting a monetary value on my life or that of someone else.
     Fortunately for us, Patty Bigbee and Lawrence Works of Holly Hill, Florida don't have that problem.  They were recently arrested in Daytona Beach (I am not sure why you would go there and not be on Spring Break, but whatever) when they met with an agent of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and tried to sell Bigbee's grandson for $30,000.
Patty Bigbee
     Yikes.  Bad grandma.  I don't think that I would be letting my child stay overnight at her house.  The mother, though, probably didn't have a whole lot of choice as she is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges of organized fraud.  The father was unable to be reached by the folks at the Florida Department of Children and Families (FDCF).  So grandma was watching the child, and as part of that watching offered to sell it to someone in October.  That person informed the FDLE that Bigbee was trying to sell the child.  So they did what authorities do and set up an undercover sting sort of operation.  I am sure you will see this case on some sort of Law & Order spinoff in a season or two once the courts have had their way with it, because this is the kind of case that they love, and Glenn Close or some other special guest will be in heated negotiations with the main police character of the show over the price of the child.
     I say negotiations because - this is the best part - Bigbee originally wanted $75,000 for the child, but the agent was able to talk her down to $30,000.  That is a mere 40% of what she originally asked for.  Good job agent, way to stay cool under pressure and get a smokin' good deal.  Anyway, money and child were exchanged in a parking lot neat the Speedway in Daytona Beach, and the agents swooped in and hauled Bigbee and works off to jail on charges of illegal sale or surrender of a child and communication fraud.  That communication fraud'll get you every time.
     The baby is in the care of the folks at FDCF have the child in their custody now, but I am not sure I like that idea, because this is where this case sort of goes from sad to strange: the FDCF must have dropped a ball somewhere, or maybe the courts did, or maybe the law is written in a way that the ball had to be dropped, but there are some sources that told WFTV in Orlando that Bigbee has been involved before in giving away babies and extorting people for money.  Wait, WHAT?  The child care authorities let that baby live with a grandma who has tried to give children away before!?  That's fucked up.  That is the kind of shit that gives government a bad name.  I am not sure why you would even consider doing something like that.
     If you were in charge of hiring someone to watch the police gun locker, would you hire someone who was previously involved or even implicated in a bunch of gun crimes? Hell no.  So why would you let that baby stay in the custody of that lady?  I just don't get it.  Common sense people!  It's just a shame.  Luckily, Bigbee and Works, who I kind of think had a bigger role in this than we know, tried to sell the child to someone with morals and common sense and didn't just put an ad out on Craigslist like everyone else would have done and we were able to have a sort of happy ending.  I just hope the judge throws the proverbial book at these skeezoids. Hell, I don't care if he literally throws the book at them.  They tried to sell a child on the black market.  It doesn't get a whole lot worse than that.

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