Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

     Happy Halloween from all of us here at Big Dave and Company.  We hope that you have a wonderful day and enjoy dressing up, throwing candy at one another, and pulling pranks after dark.  I always sort of loathe what Halloween has become, because it long ago lost the spirit of what it is supposed to be.  First the trick or treating was moved to the daytime because it was safer than having the kiddos out and about at night, and then of course it had to be moved to the nearest weekend day so all the parents could watch the kids as they went around.  It was a safety thing, which is fine, but no one has seemed to realize that the holiday essentially promotes taking candy and gifts from strangers.  How come it's okay on Halloween but not any other time.  Then, because trick or treating was on a weekend day and the parents were involved, it suddenly became okay to pile the little bastards into the minivan and drive around.  This is maddening in a two-fold sort of way: 1.) The kids always go to the more affluent neighborhoods or to way to many parts of town and 2.) the parents don't have to walk with the kids, they can just sit on their asses and listen to the radio.  Boo for that idea.  And so Halloween stopped being Halloween a long, long time ago.  Oh well.  To bad, so sad.  Have a Happy Halloween anyway!

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