Friday, October 15, 2010

Global Handwashing Day

     Today, October 15, is Global Handwashing Day, a day that was started in order to promote the awareness of the fact that washing your hands with soap and water is a tremendous way to kill disease.  This should make my mother very happy, because she deals in infection control for a living, and she was always big on washing one's hands.
     But not I.  Not that I am not pro-handwashing, I am just not one to go along with the proverbial crowd, and I always have to be a smartass.  So I am going to go ahead and promote Global Handwashing Day as more of a day to just stop dealing with things that you are tired of dealing with.  Wash your hands of them.  It's gonna' be liberating.
     Hate your in-laws?  Wash your hands of them.  Beat up car that is always at the mechanic?  Wash your hands of it.  Thirty-seven year-old boyfriend who won't get a job and can't wash a dish?  Wash your hands of him.  Just be done with it.  I mean, there are things in your life that are problematic all the time that you just have to deal with, that you just have to face and attempt to fix or live with.  Not anymore.  Not today.  It's Global Handwashing Day.  Wash your hands of it.
     And how great is that? It is so simple.  Just walk away.  Now I am not saying that you should leave your kids in a O'Reilly Auto Parts parking lot in Topeka, Kansas because you are just tired of lugging them around, let's make sure that we are smart about this.  But all those little things that have been driving you crazy?  Wash you hands of them.  It will feel so good.  And it will be healthy too, but in a different sort of way.  And all you have to do is wash your hands.  Happy Global Handwashing Day!

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