Saturday, October 30, 2010

Devil's Night

    Tomorrow, something strange is going to happen all across America.  The politically correct, safety-minded-at-all-costs yutzes are actually going to allow trick-or-treating to actually occur on Halloween.  The only reason that is going to happen is because Halloween actually happens to fall on a Sunday, but it is still going to happen and that is neat-o.  So now all the kiddos can have super safe family fun in the daylight like the tools in charge would like them to.  None of that trick or treating at night and causing mischief for them.
      But what it also means is that Devil's Night - in those places that celebrate it - is going to occur on a Saturday. Devil's Night is October 30, and there are all sorts of places where that is the night shit goes down.  Detroit is the best example, and tonight I am sure that vacant houses all over Detroit will be burning gloriously in the night air.  The thing about Devil's Night being on a weekend is this, and it's a twofold thing - more people will be able and willing to participate, and there will be fewer of the official types (police officers, firefighters, medical professionals) on duty to help reign in the chaos.
      I understand that I was just bashing the safety conscious a little bit ago, but there is a fine line here.  There is a difference between allowing the kids to trick or treat at night, and maybe play a few practical jokes or throw a few eggs and repeatedly burning everything in sight and causing major crimes and damage.  The former we can live with, the later, not so much.  That is the difference between Halloween and Devil's Night.  Scope.  And that's what makes Halloween a good thing, and Devil's Night a not-so-good thing. Scope and intent.  So it will be an interesting weekend to be sure.  All death and destruction on Saturday and all candy and costumes on Sunday.  Oh, and throw a little football in there too for good measure.  It's Halloween weekend.  And it's on.

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