Monday, October 25, 2010

Back from The Sickness

     Son of a bitch!  We're back, Company, and apologetic for our lack of, well, being around lately. See, The Sickness still has its icy grips on us in the office, and when you and your staff (read: Unpaid Interns) are spending the better part of your day attempting to stay awake and not projectile vomit while doing it, writing blog posts tends to slip way down the list of important things, you know what I mean?  Because vomit is really, really hard to clean out of a keyboard.
     There is another thing going on here too: that is that once you fall off the proverbial horse, it really is staggeringly difficult to get back on it.  Not get down on it like the Daft Punk song, but get back on it; namely the horse.  It is much easier to lie in the grass on your back staring up into the sun, and just give up on writing blog posts and trying to squeeze fresh, new content out of the world.  But we are here with some sort of bells on, and we are going to get back to providing that fresh, new content to you, or at least back to regurgitating news articles from other sources.  But in any event, we apologize for our extended time away and hope that you can forgive us, Company.  But we all get The Sickness from time to time.  And our time was then.  But your time is now.  Just not for being sick.  For reading new stuff.

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