Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten Lists in Ten Days: Ten Reasons for Lists of Ten

We had so much fun with our last "Ten Lists in Ten Days" special promotion that we are doing it again. Today: Ten Reasons We Are Doing Lists of Ten

1.) Novelty - Sometimes it is nice for both reader and staff to have a change in the format.  Sort of livens things up.  They always say that variety is the spice of life.  So BAM! we've spiced it up a little.

2.)  Boredom - We all get bored with the monotony of news regurgitation, so we've changed things up.  That being said, our first list was just all regurgitated news.

3.)  Apathy - We as a staff just didn't care enough to write new stuff in actual sentences and paragraphs, which leads us to...

10.)  Writer's Block - Hey, it happens, and when you are 800-ish posts into things, you sort of run out of topics once in a while.

6.)  Sloth - Not the South American Three-Toed variety, we are talking about the Seven Deadly Sins variety.  It takes a lot less time and effort to whip up a simple list of ten things than to actually peck out a whole coherent post about things.

7.) Time - Speaking of time, we have a lot of shit going on in our lives around here, Company, and sometimes we just don't have the time to pump out quality posts.  Plus, it is the beginning of the semester still and our latest crop of Unpaid Interns are still in the extensive whipping - I mean training - program.

8.) Jealousy - Another one of those Seven Deadly Sins.  Other people do lists of ten or eight or five or whatever and we were jealous that we didn't think of that first, but we want to be on the bandwagon so very badly.  And so we have jumped on with reckless abandon because we don't have ten good reasons  which leads to reasons like...

9.)  Counting Practice - Normally, the only people around here who can count to double numbers are the guys who whip the Unpaid Interns into shape and the guys who count the money we make from our media empire.  But since education is key we all must learn.  Lists of ten are a great way to make that happen.

10.)  Keeping Up With the Times - When reading some résumé tips recently, they noted that hiring managers and the like usually only spend 10-30 seconds on any given résumé so you should use short bulleted sentences.  And that makes sense, this is a fast paced world and nobody has time for Conjunction Junction any longer.  So short bulleted points it is.  Add numbers and a theme and you have a list of ten. Voilà!

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