Friday, September 24, 2010

Set Down the Phone

     I am very slowly, right now, as I type, coming to the realization that I should have made an ongoing special promotion of telling all your Facebook folks about how to live your life.  Or at least how to go about living with Facebook.  Since the founder, and whom I would assume is the David Koresh to your Branch Davidian, is in the news for giving money to the Newark schools and for having a movie out about him, this would have been a really good time to have one of those little things.
      So anyway, the proverbial devil came to Georgia the day that the Facebook folks made an application for the phone and a version that could be accommodated by cell phones, because I have begun to notice a trend amongst the people that I know and even some people that I do not know that is severely angering and disappointing me.  What is happening is that all sorts of events, social gatherings, meetings, etc. are being interrupted by people Facebooking (yeah, it's a verb now) the hell out of themselves.
     Yeah, people are blatantly interrupting things because they have access to Facebook on their cellular telephones, etc.  So here is a little bit of a piece of advice for you if you have access to Facebook on your phone: if there is someone else in the room don't turn the phone on.  It's that simple.  I have come to the conclusion that you cannot use your Facebook access responsibly.  Put the phone away, use it in the car or while you are on the toilet.  It's not that hard, people.  That's all for now.

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BradPerala said...

I will say this...Facebook has actually become the go-to way to invite people TO social gatherings, and organize gets-together. The fact that everyone is on Facebook makes it really easy to get things done socially, in my opinion. The new reality is that people will be playing with their phones more, because more people have integrated their lives to them now. This will only get more and more as technology advances. This is the future.