Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Painted Taser

     I did not want to go to work today.  I did not want to go at all.  We all have those mornings when the alarm goes off and you think that there is no way your are going in and putting in your eight hours.  That is why they have sick time, right?  Well anyway, I was having one of those mornings this morning.  But I laid there for a couple of minutes after I turned off the alarm, fighting sleep but with my eyes closed, and convinced myself that I should come in.  Bad move, Poindexter.  I have been cranky and irritable all day long, and now my ears are burning and my head is starting to be squeezed as if it were in a fleshy vice, and all I have wanted since the day began was a nap.  LAME!  But anyway, you deserve better so I am just going to regurgitate some news.
    Particularly, an event that occurred in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in which police were called to a home for a domestic disturbance.  No big deal.  Brian Mattert, however, determined for two things to happen.  1.) He was determined that he was going to resist the police, and 2.) He was determined that he was not going to be Tasered.  Because being hit with the Taser hurts like a bitch.  So what he did was cover himself with paint and tell the police that if they hit him with the stun gun, he would die.  Hmmm...that is not good.  So what did the police do?  Well, when Mattert began to resist the officers responding to the scene, they tased the hell out of him.
     HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That makes me laugh my ass off.  Of course the paint did nothing to the taser, is just covered everyone in paint.  Mattert didn't die, he did get arrested, and the officers had to get their uniforms cleaned.  No big deal.  It just makes me giggle.  So good job Brian, you are a fucking moron.  I wonder what color paint they should coat your in for that?

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