Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Popularity Issue: Even Nuttier Still

The good people over at Business Week Magazine put out their Popularity Issue the other day, in which they examine the things that we Americans use or choose the most. So it's kind of like figuring out the collective favorites of 300 million people. All this week we here at Big Dave and Company are going to be examining some of the things off the list to find out what we can learn about you, Company.

     Yesterday, to kick off our special promotion, we talked about bananas, and how they are the number one selling item in Wal-Mart stores.  Pretty cool if you are a banana, isn't it?  Well, we here at Big Dave and Company got to thinking that one of the classic flavors that goes great with bananas is peanut butter, and thankfully the folks at Business Week looked into the peanut butter issue as well.
      We all have our favorite brands of peanut butter, don't we Company?  Because every brand of peanut butter tastes a little different from one another.  Jif is more nutty.  Skippy is sweeter.  Crunchy.  Creamy.  So on and so forth.  It is the same deal with ketchup.  Not only do they all not taste the same, but they all spell themselves differently too.  Ketchup, catsup, God knows what else.  But I digress.  We are talking about peanut butter here folks, and number one on the Business Week list is Jif.
     Choosy moms choose Jif, according to their advertising campaigns, and apparently we are all choosy moms who spent $317 million on Jif last year.  And that includes all the versions, from Extra Crunchy to that Jif to Go shit, a figure which is up 3% from the year prior.
    What does all this mean?  I don't know.  For one, it means that Jif advertises more than any other peanut butter brand in the history of the world, at least on TV, and truthfully, is there any other kind of advertising that counts?  I would also suspect that Jif has more varieties of peanut butter than all the other varieties too, so all that special low-fat low-everything Jif is being counted in there.  I would also suspect, like I sort of noted up above, that there are just a lot of people who are brand loyal when it comes to peanut butter
      So I don't know, I just don't know Company.  There is something about Jif that people just sort of like, and they buy it and buy it and buy it.  And now it is the most fantastical brand in all of America.  So congratulations, Jif.  If there were a peanut butter award you would get it.  I wonder how a Big Dave and Company Peanut Butter would go over?


BradPerala said...

Peter Pan with Honey. Jif with Honey is good, too except it's not as spreadable. I'm making your point for you right now, aren't I?...

Big Dave said...

Yes you are, and thank you very much.