Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Officer Butt Hansen Safety Tip Book

     Hello everybody, it's the Unpaid Interns here.  Recently, longtime reader and friend of the blog Brad from Gotta Keep em 'Bloggerated wrote in a suggestion, in comment form asking if there was any sort of archive of Officer Butt Hansen Safety Tips that he could access.  He went on to opine that the safety tips would make a good book.  Well, since Big Dave is a money-grubbing, swelled-head r-tard he thought this would be a good way to make a buck or two, he has set us out on a mission to find and catalogue all of the safety tips that have been brought to you by Officers Butt Hansen and occasionally Dik Manchorp over the last couple of years.  All is well, no?  In fact it's not because the idiots in charge around here neglected to ever save, catalogue, or remember in any way the many safety tips.  Apparently they just don't "care about your health and well being" as they claim to do.  So, that being said, we have no way to go back in time and look up the old safety tips, but Big Dave will be angry and probably scream at us if we don't get him some book material, so what we are asking is that if you have any innovative or creative Officer Butt Hansen Safety Tips to please send them in to bigdave@bigdaveandcompany.com so that we can compile them and just sort of tell him these are the old ones.  He is so oblivious that he will never know and then we won't have to get yelled at.  Thanks again!

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