Saturday, August 28, 2010

In the Eye of the Beholder

     Company, there is a certain something to be said for ignorance of the world around you.  A lot of times there are things going on out there that just aren't pleasant.  And sometimes it is a simple as other people not seeing things the same way as you.
     Take the case into point of a group of people who live along the shores of a certain lake in a certain town.  Now, let it be known that this is a nice little lake in a nice little town in the middle of bum fuck nowhere.  Small nice little town.  But small none the less.  Anyway, back to the lake.  As I said it is a nice little lake, clear water, good size , nice beach, easy to find but not necessarily easy to use public access, gravel bar crossing the middle to help improve fishing, all that good stuff.  A look around the lake will affirm that there is a mix of people who have money and people who are the ancestors of those who did.  All in all a nice place.  There is, however, a certain pervasive belief among those who live on that particular lake that it is a premium address, or to be more precise that only certain parts of the lake are premium addresses that allow the residents a certain extra degree of prestige that other parts of the lake and community just don't afford.
     Prestige Worldwide.  That is what the are assuming is bestowed upon them by virtue of how they get to their homes.  Hmmm...not quite.  Not quite at all.  See the funny thing about that is that the only people who think that living on that lake is something special are the people who live on that lake.  Yeah, that is what I am talking about.  Bury your head in the gravel bar and don't bother to realize that you aren't anything special to the rest of the world.
     How do I know that?  Well, I know people in that area, people who have lived there for years and years and years, and quite frankly, I have never once heard a single person remark about how special that particular lake is.  Nor how special a particular part of it is.  See, the reason being that no matter what part I piss in I have still pissed in the lake, am I right?  It's all going to mix in there together.  My pee will inevitably wash onto your self-hallowed shore and wash all over your body, boat, dock, and lawn once you stick a hose and pump in there to keep it green.  That's the thing.  It is all in your head.
     And so it goes.  Those people are special in their own minds, which is the worst kind of special.  But for them, probably comfort and pride, and they have managed to delude themselves and shut out the unpleasant fact that are whizzing by on the highway, all the people who see no value beyond the value of lakefront homes for all those prestigious palaces perched on the waterfront.  It really does shake out where everything is really in the eye of the beholder.

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