Monday, August 30, 2010

The Emmys Were On?

I think they stole this from the hood of a car.
     So the Emmys were on last night and I am struggling to find someone who actually watched them or who remotely cares about them.  I wouldn't have even known they were on had there not been a news article plastered somewhere within all the daily reading I do.  And even then I don't ever remember them, and I always get the Emmys, Oscars, and the Academy Awards mixed up.  I think that the Emmys are for television, and that the Oscars and the Academy Awards are the same thing and they are for film.  Either way I don't particularly care about either.  I find them to be the most useless, self-absorbed hunks of bullshit one can find, especially since they are always on TV and people are supposed to care.
    The reason that they are bullshit, along with all the music awards and whatnot, is because they are all over on TV.  I am not saying that these talented writers, actors, and musicians don't deserve praise and awards for their work, they absolutely and completely do.  Award the hell out of them for the things that they have accomplished.  Almost every profession has some sort of award system from their professional groups, from software designers to ice cream makers to police and fire officials.  But you don't see those award ceremonies being splashed all over the television for everyone to have to see, with giant production numbers and costing more than the GDP of most Second World countries.  Chemists probably have a room down at the Hyatt with a nice buffet and maybe a presentation by the head of the chemists' union on a laptop hooked up to the projector, then they get their awards and hang them up in their labs and go home at the end of the day.  They don't have giant spectacles on ABC or wherever.
     Hell, even the Nobel Prize, which is given out in a castle in Norway or something, only gets a couple of lines on page 16A of your friendly local Sunday newspaper, and those kids are doing wonderful and amazing things for humanity.  Not to say that the boys and girls in Hollywood aren't doing wonderful things, I just get a little bit perturbed at how they celebrate themselves so much.  Not even so much, but so publicly.  Uncool.  super uncool.

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