Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wasted Days

      Everyone is always talking about wasted days: you can’t afford to waste a day, the day is wasted, I wasted away the day lying on the couch.  And so on and so forth.  But I don’t necessarily subscribe to that theory.  Sometimes you need that day lying on the couch.  Maybe you spent the whole day fixing the car and you couldn’t take out the snowmobile, but your car needed to get fixed.  You know what I am talking about, Company?
     As another case in point, I am sitting square on the morning following one of those supposedly wasted days..  I will admit, it was a beautiful day.  One couldn’t ask for much more.  Well, technically one could but unless you were jonzeing to snowboard or something, you wouldn’t want to ask for anything more.  Temperatures in the mid 80s but with a nice breeze to kind of cut the heat, not much in the way of humidity, and just some of those puffy cumulus clouds floating around in the sky that weren’t doing anything to block out any of the sun.   Dr. and Mrs. J invited me out on the boat.  Perfect day to be out on the boat.  The only problem was that I had a somewhat full agenda: take the garbage to the dump, do my laundry (I was wearing my last pair of underwear on as I was contemplating this invitation,  and I had no work shirts left, and I generally try to abstain from doing my laundry on Sundays or Mondays because EVERYONE does laundry on those days and the laundromat is usually packed), and grocery shopping because the cupboards in the Worldwide Headquarters are beginning to look a little bit bare, and I had to make a dish to take to the TWE’s house later that evening.  All that being said, the opportunity to hit the water in a boat that actually had a motor isn’t an everyday occurrence for me, so I didn’t quite know what to do.  So somewhere along my way to and from the dump (garbage HAD to go, no question)  I made the decision to go out on the boat.  It was beautiful outside and what’s another wasted day, right?
     Except it wasn’t wasted.  I had a great time; got sunburned, went swimming, are delicious sandwiches.  All was well in the world, and somewhere along the way as we cruised across the water, I came to realize exactly what I typed above: the day wasn’t wasted.  To have been cooped up in a laundromat, or been fighting the weekend crowds in the grocery store, or to have been stuck indoors engaged in any of the other indoor activities that I had scheduled, would have made the day wasted.  Those are things for a rainy day or a day after work.  Had I decided to do those things sure, I wouldn’t have wasted the available day for doing chores, but I would have wasted the good weather day.  And since I would have deprived that gorgeous day of what its best possible use,  that is just as much as wasted day as any.
     So fast forward to now, or at least now as I am writing this.  It is 9:30 in the morning and I am sitting in the laundromat, which is very quickly filling up with idiot tourists who you can tell aren’t used to having to go to the laundromat and are in a tizzy, which is why I usually try to avoid the place like the plague on Sundays.  I am almost done though, so it’s okay.  It’s raining outside, and it is generally a good day to scrub the bathtub and listen to the baseball game.  Wouldn’t have been able to go out in the boat or go hiking today.  Would have ended up being a wasted weather day, just like yesterday, had I not gone out in the boat.  But now, through nothing but fate and coincidence  it has turned out perfectly.  How about that?  Sometimes it’s all about making the wrong decision.

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