Monday, July 12, 2010

Unreasonable Expectations

      Sometimes, Company, nothing can ruin a date, a life, a day, an engagement, etc. faster than having unreasonable expectations.  Because if the event occurring has the potential for x, and you for some reason are expecting either x+1 or maybe y or z, then you aren't going to have a good time, and then everyone else isn't going to have a good time either.  Let me give you some for instances:
     If you are going to go to a baseball game, you have to have the reasonable expectation that something is going to get spilled on you somewhere along the way.  Whether it is beer (that is probably what it is going to be) or nacho cheese (another strong contender) or even a bottle of water, you have to be wary of that.  If you want to have a clean room environment around you and your stupid white shirt then maybe you should stay home and shut the hell up.  You also have to expect that there is going to be someone drunk sitting near you, I mean, it's a sports event.  You can use the smokers argument - that non-smokers have the right to not breath secondhand smoke just as much as smokers have a right to smoke - if you want but that doesn't matter.  Yes you have the right to not have drunks nearby just like they have the right to drink way too much beer, but that is not the point.  The point is that if you don't like smoke you don't go to the ashtray convention.  If you don't like drunken retards, you don't go to a baseball game.
     If your kid is into books and writing, don't expect him to be a football star.  Think Varsity Blue on this one, Company.  The scene where the backup quarterback is on the bench reading a book that is tucked inside his playbook says it all.  The kid is not happy.  The parents aren't happy because he isn't into football 100%, the coach isn't happy because his backup quarterback is a putz (in football terms), and when the stud starter gets hurt the team isn't entirely happy because he is not the super stud.  That being said, if the kid could just be a bookworm and hang out in the library and write for the school paper it would be fine.  I mean, the world needs writers too, and I would suspect that there are more people making their living via the pen than with a pigskin.  This applies to all parent-child relationships though, let your kid be who your kid is.  Just expect them to be themselves, be happy, and be somewhat successful.  They don't all have to be Yo-Yo Ma, and they most definitely don't all have to be just like you.  If that was true we would be a nation of nothing but insurance agents.
     Those are just a couple of suggestions, okay?  The reasonable expectation thing applies to every situation, from taking a long car ride to growing vegetables.  Just set your expectations at a level that are possible and your life, and the life of everyone else around you, will be much, much better.  You have to trust us on this one.  I didn't expect much when I entered this unpaid internship, and while I've gotten even less I am at least not terribly bitter yet.  Yet.

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