Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Joy of Life

     Well Company, I was once again amazed by life the other day, which is a good thing because it means that I haven't become so jaded and bitter that there is no hope left for me.  Because, see, life can create some pretty sublime and supreme moments, both in sorrow and in joy.  I fortunate enough to be amazed by one of the joyful moments just the other day.  Would you like me to describe it for you?  Good, because I am going to anyway.
     It was a pretty typical Friday at the office, the weekend was looming especially close, lunch had been had, and we were running short of ambition.  And by that I mean all of us.  It was at that point that things changed immensely.
     Landing Nine walked in from her office hours in another building and wheeled around the corner into my little room.  See, I don't know if you realize this, Company, but I sit in a little room with Sue Too behind a little window like every receptionist at every medical office to which you have ever been.  Now, that being said, the window and door are always open, so it's not like we are segregating ourselves from everyone else, that is just how things are laid out.  Anyway, this was a slightly unusual action.  Usually she will stop if I grab her attention on the way by, buy almost one hundred percent (that's 100% for those of you who would rather see it numerically) of the time she makes a bee-line for her desk to put her things down.  And I can't say that I blame her, because who doesn't want to set their stuff down, right?  I mean, that's always the first thing you do once you come in the door, isn't it Company?  Anyway, so she came around the corner into the little room - let's call it the Champagne Room - and she has this look on her face.  She was doing a good job trying to keep it together, I will give her credit for that.  But the look in her eyes betrayed her and gave away her excitement.  Within seconds the corners of her mouth curled up and out it came, one sentence that totally changed the the complexion of the entire office and altered the hue on the entire day: "I'm going to be a grandma."
     Hey, congratulations!  What an exciting event.  Now, in the grand scheme of things Landing Nine is not old - and I am not going to tell you how old she is because you never tell that about a lady or they will kick your ass - but I will say that she is at that age when many women begin to become grandmothers even though they always think that they aren't old enough for that.  The reason for this is that we always think of grandparents of being in at least their sixties or usually their seventies, but that is because we never remember the first five or six years of our life, when our grandparents are in fact younger than we remember them to be.  So anyway, her daughter-in-law was great with child, and she was handling it pretty well.  She was excited.  And soon, the rest of us would be excited.
     I was excited for her.  Someone else standing around heard, and then someone else, and soon Sue Too heard a bit and then it happened.  The word spread across our little office like a wave, no, not so much like a wave, but like a summer thunderstorm coming when you can see the heavy rain marching its way across the fields or lake right towards you until it hits you full force.  Only it was like a happy thunderstorm, if there is such a thing.    Pretty soon it was a joyous mood that was prevailing among our little group.
     And so it was.  It was sort of an amazing event when you sat down to think about it, really.  How such a small piece of happy news for one could bring such happiness to everyone around them.  It was like a miniature celebration of life through one that hasn't even begun yet.  There is just something about the beginning of a life, the birth of a child, that brings joy to everyone, and that, Company, is one of the neat things about life.  Congratulations Landing Nine!

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