Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Eight is Certainly Enough

Last week, we came back after a weekend spent trying to find ourselves because we didn't win the Dirt Devil Presents the Third Annual Big Dave and Company Blog of the Year Award Presented by Shrek Forever After (In Theaters Now!).  Well, speaking of being back, Mind Junk is back but has ditched their list of eight format.  So, in honor of that, here is a list of eight reasons why themed blogs are truly, really, completely, awful, not to read so much as to write.

1.) Unless you have a constantly updating theme like "New Health Care Breakthroughs" or "Weather" you are going to run out of stuff to write about eventually.  Like award winner Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century - great idea, but there are only so many ancient pictures of facial hair out there.

2.)  Having a theme constantly stretches your creativity to the max.  If you are dedicated to dog toenails, maybe one day you don't feel like writing about dog toenails.  When that day comes, it sucks to be you.

3.)  When you are doing a structural format, like say lists, there is going to come a day when you can't always think of five or eight or only two things to say.  And that day will come faster than you think.

7.)  There is also going to be a time when you can't fit your thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. into a list or haiku or all caps.  That is another weakness of the structural format.

5.)  When important things are happening, they might not fit into your theme, so then you have to choose between not talking about the train derailment in London or trying to talk about the effects of the train derailment in London on the natural seed germination of corn in the American High Plains, and that doesn't work.  Even if it does, no one wants to read about it; not even you, and it's your blog.

4.)  The blogosphere is not the Grammys or the Emmys or the Oscars, okay?  Most blog awards given out are not super specific, and there aren't a million billion categories for which they give out awards but that no one cares about so they have to do them during the commercials.  There is no Best Writing or Most Original Photo Caption or Best List-Oriented Blog awards, although there might be, I admit I have done no reasearch.  So good luck rounding up some recognition.  Most people who write general blogs don't get any recognition.  I am not bitter or anything.

6.)  You have to be able to count correctly to have a list blog.  I'm just sayin.

8.)  Good luck finding a background to match your theme!  Better learn HTML and make one out for yourself.  I am just kidding, there is probably one out there.

Thanks!  Welcome back Mind Junk and I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!

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