Monday, July 26, 2010

Blinking Lights

     So this may surprise you, Company, but I watch TV an awful lot.  An awful lot.  Which is impressive for someone who don't have anything but a crappy rooftop antenna which only picks up like a station and a half.  You can imagine that I end up watching seasons of shows on DVD.  Included in that rotation is MacGyver.  I was on maybe my eleventy billionth episode of MacGyver and they were in a room with computers.  Lots of computers.  And as usual, they were denoted by banks of blinking lights that seemed to go on and off with no sort of rhyme or reason.
     What the fuck's with that?  This phenomenon can be seen in many, many 80s shows and movies.  Ever seen War Games?  That is filled with computers and they are the worst offenders.  There are just banks of lights, some of them even the lighted buttons like used to be on the bottom of 80s telephones - you know, the kind that light up when you press them down so you can tell what line you are on - and they light up and blink randomly.  They are only supposed to blink when you press them and someone is on hold.  But not in War Games.  They just blink away like they have something in their eyes.
     Now I understand that 80s PCs were a little short on graphics, okay?  And I understand that the technology was really in its infancy at the time and many people had never seen a computer, let alone used one.  And I understand that Hollywood production types need to keep visuals super visual for the viewers, and that green-on-green is not very sexy.  But come on.  Throw me a bone here.  At least make them blink in some sort of logical sequence, as if they were processing through a program or something.  Don't make them just blink randomly.  Even if there were a rhyme and reason to it, and someone was writing down every series of blinks, they go too quickly and there are so many combinations one would have to have another computer bank of blinking lights just to decode what the first one blinked out.
     So it all makes me very tired, and a little angry, and sort of giggly.  Because it's funny to watch right now, as MacGyver types line after line of green code on a slightly greener screen and it brings up lists that are just, well boring.  And all with less computing power than my iPod.  Blink away lights.  Blink away.

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