Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Big Dave and Company Podcast Store!

    Company, I was sitting in your bushes looking in your windows last night when I noticed something mostly shocking and a little bit apalling about the condition of your life.  There is a definite lack of Big Dave and Company Podcast apparel and decor in your home.  GOOD NEWS!  I have just the solution for you: The Big Dave and Company Podcast Store.  That's right, now you can get anything from bumper stickers to t-shirts and hoodies to tote bags or wall clocks at the greatly inflated prices that you would expect from a media empire (just kidding about the greatly inflated prices).  Soon, every surface of your workstation can be covered in Big Dave and Company Podcast merchandise and your entire family can all dress in the exact same outfits like those creppy families and goofy cults always do.  Wouldn't that be neat!
      So here is the deal, Company: you can find the Big Dave and Company Podcast Store at the following url:

     I know, that was shockingly simple to figure out, wasn't it?  Click on it, buy some stuff, and make sure to bookmark it because that is where you are going to want to get all of your holiday and birthday gifts from now on.  You it's true.  Check it out and wear your gear proudly!


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