Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Observations

     So, I went back to my old stomping grounds this weekend to celebrate the recent nuptials of one Guy H, formerly of Sand River, MI.  Yep, sorry girls, he's taken.  Anyway, it was nice because it gave me an opportunity to see many in the old gang, some of whom I hadn't seen in far, far to long.  Guy H formerly of Sand River, MI and Garmo were there of course, as were David Nathaniel and Chevy Orange, but so were Brozzo and Stealth and Duke and Dingo.  And as an added bonus I even got to see Sally Brown.  Very cool.
     It was nice how easily those relationships slipped on like a comfortable shoe that you hadn't worn again.  We were able to laugh and talk and joke like we used to, and the bond was still there.  It is neat, and if it is not a phenomenon that you have experienced before then I am sad for you.  It is really a neat and interesting thing when you can click back into sync after a fair amount of time away.  That, I have always thought, is the hallmark of a good friendship.  I experience that with guys like G-Funk, Bucko, Little Jeffy and the Pharaoh. So all was good.
      What struck me though, and something that I know about but it always seems to surprise me, is how I wasn't with the times.  See, what I forget, and many others forget, is that life goes on without you.  So like, when I went away, all those people continue on with their agendas in my absence.  So when I come back I fit in just fine, sure, but I am missing some of the narrative.  Things have happened, inside jokes, have developed that I am not privy to.  Now, I am not complaining.  I don't expect everything to remain static, frozen in time the way it was when I first stepped into the new Worldwide Headquarters - that would be selfish and unreasonable.  And no, I don't expect to be included when so far away.  I made the decision to move the Worldwide Headquarters, I knew this would happen.  So I am not complaining.  I am just commenting that it is something I noticed.
     Anyway, the long and short of it was that it was good to get in touch with some people that I haven't had a chance to be in touch with for a long time.  It's good for a person.  And I would and will jump at the chance to do it again.  So congratulations Guy H formerly of Sand River, MI and Garmo, I am very happy for you.  And as for the rest of you, we will see you the next time.  I hope you all had a good weekend, Company.

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